Horoscope leo 27 october 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

You may remain busy in things that warrant immediate attention. Whatever you are engaged in at work is likely to give you immense professional satisfaction. If there is someone you like, showing it without any hang ups will be in order. Luck shines on you on the financial front, so expect your monetary condition to improve! You may desire to put off something for the future, but circumstances may dictate otherwise. Despite being burdened at work, you will manage to keep fatigue at bay by remaining fit and energetic.

If you need someone's help, your approach needs to be right. You are likely to discharge whatever has been entrusted to you at work most competently. You will manage to put your failures behind and forge ahead on a positive note. Financial prospects are set to brighten and promise to bring you into big money. If you are in a fray for promotion, play your cards wisely. Slowly and steadily, you will manage to widen your area of influence on the professional front. You will put your best foot forward to make an event a thumping success.

This week you will receive information about an unpleasant event or incident that happened a few days or weeks ago. On a personal level, you will experience different events that will show you that you need to change something in how you interact with the people around you. You will be required to have a sensible approach to a particular situation.

You should not ignore such events unless you want to deepen your problems. The week makes new acquaintances with a wide variety of people, based on common social, political or professional interests and goals. During the week you will have a complicated relationship with people who live in another place. You will be inclined to react quickly and emotionally to their comments or advice. This week, fate will not tolerate lies or attempts at manipulation. Such actions especially on your part will create very unpleasant situations.

Try to dress according to the weather, do not fall in the rain, keep your feet warm. There is also a great risk of getting the flu in public transport and in other contacts with others. The middle of the month is favorable for family life and solving current household issues. Good time for large purchases for a home loan. You can issue a mortgage in order to improve housing conditions. A good time to repair in one of the rooms of the apartment. However, do not delay this for a long time, since at the end of the month complications in business and in contacts with others may begin.

Mars will be in your sign throughout the month. This influence makes you more energetic, independent and strong. Energy and strength will be enough to achieve any goals, in addition, you work faster than usual. However, there is a downside here, you can become more aggressive in your behavior. This transit can make you impatient, which can lead to accidents or injuries. Be more attentive to your health. This influence also changes your character.

You can easily get annoyed.

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This can lead to conflict, disputes, and sometimes physical abuse. So be careful. In September, most of the planets shifted from the eastern sector to the western, this indicates that the period of your personal independence is over and Gemini needs to develop their social skills, communication is now a vital factor for your attractiveness.

Personal life promises to be stormy. This will help you overcome differences and become better. You can have a different opinion, but still love another person. If your relationship created problems for you, you will finally find a way out. By relying on dialogue, you will gain a new breath. Your partner will be grateful for your efforts. If you find a compromise, your relationship will improve.

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Understanding and complicity will return your personal life to the previous level. With Venus in Virgo, you begin to control your emotions more and become less sensitive. This behavior may be perceived by some as modesty and shyness. This is a time when you can analyze a lot and pay attention to details in personal relationships. You strive for moderation in everything. You do not want feelings to get out of hand. Love at first sight and passion becomes alien and strange. As in the last month, in September there will be good opportunities for study and travel.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Students excel in their studies. Those who want to improve their skills will succeed in their goals. You are still in the midst of an annual financial peak. Financial goals are achieved quickly and easily. This period is good not only for making money, but also for drawing up financial plans for the future, then to live on the right path. This month you will enjoy great well-being. You will be full of strength and energy. Your immunity will be excellent in everything, probably you will not suffer from diseases. If you are waiting for evidence of love for you, then you do not see anything but the tip of your nose.

Become more romantic and open your hearts first and your personal relationships will become better. Do not look for difficulties where they do not exist, and do not ask yourself meaningless existential questions. Favorable days for athletes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; Good days in business: 8, 9, 28, 29; Activity, ambitiousness in work: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20; Good luck and optimism: 7, 8, 9, 28, 29; Clarity of thinking days of insights : 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 24, 26; Rich imagination: 7; Favorable days for creativity: 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15; Emotional sensitivity: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 25, 30; Good luck in love: 3, 4, 6, 7, 25, 30; Desire for solitude: 2, 7, 8, 9, from 14 to 29; Chance of accidents: 9, 13, 14, 18, 19, The leon has a busy month ahead.

You have recently experienced the eclipse turmoil and must go through them again.

The two eclipses that occur in the Leo sky this month are significant and have diverse implications for your life. It would be convenient to start the month with planning that has room for a little rest and a time where you can reduce your activities with family and partner a little. It is important that you know how to respect your own time. You must go through a series of makeovers as a redefinition of your self-image, for example. Your personal appearance should be affected, and you will possibly change something in your wardrobe — something natural when you redefine yourself and think differently.

But love life will be a bit divided this month, as those who are married or in some serious relationship are likely to have very different experiences from those who are single.


What Your Sign's October Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

The point is that serious love must be more problematic now, and one of the big reasons is precisely the second eclipse to be dealt with this month, the lunar eclipse. This eclipse occurs over your seventh House of Love, and thanks to that the weather can be troubled. Love can still be alright and those who are expecting a marriage, for example, can get happy wherever they wish, as love life is strong this year. The point is that eclipse often puts your relationships to the test. Even if these tests serve to verify how solid this relationship is and further strengthen its ties in the end, the process is nonetheless stressful, and of course some fragile relationships can end up in trouble.

These tests can be applied to other forms of relationships, such as your friendships.

Leo daily horoscope - 9 October

Therefore, it is really very convenient that you follow the advice of leading a life at a slower pace and respecting your own time. The leonine is very focused on himself and nothing should be forced on his relationships. Let us also remember that your planets involved with love will be retrograde and all love decisions show uncertain results. It would be best to wait a little longer until everything was more favorable. Whether you are single or married, this is a good time to review your love life and pass all your relationships through a fine comb.

Identify all failures and errors to find out where you can and where you really should improve. Nevertheless, as we said above, married and single people have slightly different paths this month. While serious-minded Leos can go through all these tests and adjustments, single Leos are likely to be enjoying many exciting opportunities in their love life. Let us also remember that you are undergoing a renewal of the Self that will be perceived by those around you. Your magnetism and style are renewed and can take you to the peak of your beauty — it will certainly make things a lot easier and there will be no difficulty in attracting new partners just if you really want it.

But despite all the ease with which to relate and find partners, single-lion relationships this month should be lighter. Serious love will be unlikely now. You are more focused on yourself and prone to explore your desires and all that pleasure has to offer you. Try not to force anything into new relationships as this is not the right time for it. Just follow that which makes you happy and gives you pleasure, for everything else will develop naturally. It is worth mentioning that partners who try to force a more serious relationship situation are unlikely to be well accepted and may lose their opportunity.

The professional sector should be well and reserves some good news. The leo will be entering one of its financial heights by the 22nd — good financial tides are expected to come to you now. Those who are more advanced and integrated with professional life and the cosmic world will possibly notice the changes in their financial peak around the 5th and even more intense from the 10th.

Just do your good work and all good financial opportunities should come to you naturally. Of course, this does not dispense with the need to be aware of them all, as well as a high and sharp ability to gauge every chance that arises. Knowing how to quantify risks and see real profits is your true weapon for success. This month you cannot, nor should you delegate many functions, as stressful as this may be in certain cases. You need to ensure that a good job is done and that the credit comes as it should, and as planned.

No one can handle your business as well as you can. And that is your motto for this month. Those looking for new job opportunities and new jobs are likely to be a little lucky in August, but it is important to mention that, for them or for those expanding their business, their appearance seems to be a key role in success. So regardless of whether you are going to try to close a new business partnership, renegotiate a contract or for a job interview, be sure to take care of your look and dress accordingly. Dressing like a successful person and showing success will attract that vibe to you.

Dress up as what you want to be and achieve.

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  8. Investments and health professions should be highlighted. These will be some of the most successful professionals and one of the most lucrative areas to invest in now. Be very attentive and research more about the industry. The health of the leo does not seem to be a concern this month.

    October 12222 Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

    Those who have taken the necessary care and followed all the cosmic guidelines of the past few months will probably be enjoying truly excellent health. But even for them, things will not be so simple and worry free. The first eclipse to act will be the solar eclipse that occurs just above your sign and will require some care when dealing with it.

    Maintaining a smoother and less exhaustive activity routine is a big part of health care now.

    horoscope leo 27 october 2019 Horoscope leo 27 october 2019
    horoscope leo 27 october 2019 Horoscope leo 27 october 2019
    horoscope leo 27 october 2019 Horoscope leo 27 october 2019
    horoscope leo 27 october 2019 Horoscope leo 27 october 2019
    horoscope leo 27 october 2019 Horoscope leo 27 october 2019

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