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Novices will find the point-and-click interpretations a delightful way to learn.

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Chart types Italicized items are new in Solar Fire 4 :. User-Editable Page Layouts: In addition to designing the chart wheels, users can now design whole page layouts, dragging and resizing wheels and all sorts of tables on the same page. A single page design can be adapted specially to fit on the screen, on various paper sizes and orientations tall or wide , and to be exported as metafiles.


Page Designer objects include the following. Zodiacs: Tropical, any sidereal, precession-corrected, draconic. Coordinates: Geo and heliocentric. Helio charts can appear next to geo charts in bi- or double wheels, synastry grids, and dual-chart listings.


Declinations and latitudes appear in basic chart details listing and can be included in dynamic listings; declination aspects appear in aspect grid. Houses can be calculated for geographic or geocentric latitude. Baker or L. Calculation span : Asteroids AD ; other points unlimited. Aspects : Includes 26 aspect types, each with its own glyph.

User-defined aspects with user selected characters as the glyph. For each, you can select a color, line-style , the applying and separating orb, moieties , unidirectional orbs, orbs by planet ratios to apply different orbs for each planet and aspect combination , aspects by sign, and 3-D aspects previously applied as a general option across all aspect sets.

You can have different orbs for the luminaries vs. You can include points in the chart without including aspects to them. All reports now show whether aspects in declinations as well as longitude are applying or separating. Desktop publishing : You can export wheel and page designs to the clipboard as bitmaps or Windows Metafiles, or to a file as Windows Metafiles. You can also export lists as Windows Metafiles; in DTP and word-processing programs you can edit these as text. Natal and transit interpretations can also be exported as ASCII text, which you can edit and print in a word processor.

NOV files. Other Conveniences :. Windows-compatible black or color printer printing at least dpi. The ACS PC Atlas for Windows gives you instant access to longitudes, latitudes and time zones for over , places -- virtually everywhere in the world! Want to Order by Mail? However, it is a man-made and arbitrary line, that exists purely because the Greenwich Observatory happened to be there.

In Alfred Watkins published his acclaimed book, The Old Straight Track , in which he introduced "ley-lines", a natural phenomenon he had rediscovered from ancient times. These straight tracks were used by the ancient peoples for spiritual purposes, and there is evidence that they also used ley-lines practically for purposes such as trading and commerce. Along the ley-lines were aligned stone circles, longbarrows, tumuli and man-made hills. These were used by the ancient Neolithics to define sacred space. This thoroughly-researched ley-line contains alignments which accurately targeted the Beltane sunrise during the era of megalithic constructions, and was perceived to be the most important ley-line in the United Kingdom, with some special attributes thought to be unique.

However, due to the precession of the equinoxes the Beltane alignment is now less defined than once it was. However, this is not the only long distance ley-line in the United Kingdom, as there is another which, although known for millennia, has been so far largely ignored in modern times. This second long distance line, which we have called the Silbury Meridian Line, is of great significance to astrologers and geomancers alike.

The Geodetic Perspective

The Silbury Meridian Line runs from the South Coast near Bournemouth and, like the Beltane Ley, passes through most of the primary sacred sites of the ancient peoples. To ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters, the crossing point of two dragon lines was considered highly auspicious, depicting sacred space.

Our Silbury dragon line then continues up through Arbor Low known as the Stonehenge of the North and Holy Island priory, finally passing through Peterhead in Scotland as it stretches powerfully Northwards. It is no coincidence that these man-made structures were created along the Silbury Line since they were constructed in accordance with sacred geomantic principles by the Neolithic astronomer priests, linking Earth to Sky: "As above, so below". What is of crucial significance is that this natural line runs due North-South see Fig.

Although the Greenwich Meridian is by far the most commonly used prime meridian, there are other precedents, historical meridians such as those that passed through Isle de Fer and Tenerife for example. The first known prime meridian was introduced by Hipparchus in the 2 nd Century BC, and passed through Rhodes. Various islands in the Atlantic Ocean were used as zero longitude until April , when an assembly called by Cardinal Richelieu chose the Isle de Fer, the most westerly of the Canary Islands.

However, there was still no general agreement about this amongst the nations and many prime meridians were still in use.

Astrology Travel And Astrocartography – An Astrology Adventure With Star Sign Style!

A French chart from as late as shows at least four prime meridians in common usage - it denotes Paris, Greenwich, Isle de Fer and Tenerife, and there were many others. In Astrolocality Astrology , Martin Davis points out that some astrologers have questioned the Greenwich Meridian line as the starting point for the World Geodetic Map.

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For example, a Pyramid chart is used by some astrologers, shifting the starting point from Greenwich to the Great Pyramid at Giza. Davis himself supports Greenwich, saying he finds that the Greenwich co-ordinates work best of those that he has used. Astrologers using the Greenwich Meridian as their Prime line may not realise that they are adopting an arbitrary modern man-made line. The Greenwich Observatory, through which it passes, was established by King Charles II in purely as a means to determine longitude for naval and commercial navigational purposes. Until now, the Greenwich Meridian has been the most practical and widely accepted Prime Meridian, since there was no viable alternative.

The rediscovery of the science of Geomancy has allowed us to perceive the land with holistic and spiritual understanding.

Approved system configurations

We now know that the ley-lines and earth energies create surface patterns that are influenced by the Sun and the Moon. Stone temples and earth works stand as silent testimony to this ancient fact, as we have seen. The Neolithic builders of these monuments had an innate understanding of these natural energy lines, that can be likened to arteries of the Earth, invisible energy sources flowing from within the Earth itself, influencing the land.

We have already stated that the Silbury Ley runs due North-South. It is a natural and ancient energy line, whose prime significance was recognised and revered by the ancient astronomer priests and sacred sites of world importance were constructed on it. When things seem too simple or easy we should be a little wary. The Greenwich Meridian was chosen by an elite body of just 41 delegates from 25 nations, at a conference which was convened "for the purpose of discussing, and if possible, fixing upon a meridian proper to be employed on a common zero of longitude and standard of time reckoning throughout the whole world".

There had been seven conferences before it, between and Eventually, "the meridian passing through the centre of the transit instrument at the Observatory of Greenwich" became adopted, largely because Britain had the biggest navy, against opposition from San Domingo, Brazil and, notably, the French. The Paris Meridian Line, 2 degrees 20 minutes Giovanni Cassini had used it to create the first map of France, and from it was derived the controversial universal unit of measurement, the metre.

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