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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

If you are single, you have many choices to make. During the next 12 months, you might want to do some soul-searching about what type of relationship you desire. If you are attached, this year is very romantic. You and your partner cannot seem to get enough time together. LIBRA often gets impatient with you.

In the morning, you might be more argumentative than you realize. You easily could give someone a piece of your mind. If you want a job done your way, you might need to do it yourself. By midafternoon, you feel a difference. Tonight: At a favourite restaurant. Get an early start on your day.


Your Daily Horoscope For December 28,

You might hit an obstacle, but you will bypass it more quickly than you had anticipated. Clear up a disagreement soon, before it becomes worse. Emphasize the positives of your interactions with the other party involved. Tonight: Out with friends.

Born on December 28 - Birthday - #aboutyourbirthday - Sample

You could be tired of the holidays and want a change of pace. You do not need to start an argument just to create some excitement; it will happen anyway. By midafternoon, a loved one or potential sweetie drops in on you. Go with the flow. Tonight: Celebrate the weekend in style. Speak your mind, but make sure that your words are not fighting ones. Otherwise, you could hit a problem. You want the other party to hear your message and not get triggered. Later in the day, you might decide to call it early. Tonight: A good time is had by all.

Your ability to move through a problem allows you greater flexibility and contentment. You do not see a situation in the same light that others do. If another party becomes combative, you might choose not to react. Schedule a late lunch; it might go on for hours!

Tonight: Out late. Throughout the week you have perked up considerably; however, someone appears to have an issue with you. Remember that you do not need to react. Accept an invitation to join friends later in the day. All of you have a lot of news to share.

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Tonight: Let the chatter continue. In the morning, you might feel off. You likely will need to clear the air. At first, you could be upset by all the arguing. Later, however, a resolution will help you to calm down. Your mood will be much more upbeat as a result. You can tackle nearly anything. Tonight: Out on the town. It never fails to surprise you when people fail to act with good intentions, even if you can predict it will happen in advance!

Somewhat of a worrier, you are often over-thinking matters.

Daily Horoscope on December 28: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Although you are a bit on the dominant side, you can also be very considerate and peace-loving at heart. This is a powerful year for motivation levels regarding your work or projects and personal interests. There can be opportunities to pursue absorbing topics and pursuits. More joy and meaning may be found in your work or obligations and responsibilities. At the same time, relationships get a boost. The opportunity to grow through your love and social connections this year is especially strong.

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You are seeking intensity in love or with your projects, and are especially aware of the importance of healthy relating and intimacy. You could renew and deepen love commitments or social connections.


Strong and stimulating—even motivating—attractions to others are likely. Secret loves or attractions may develop and existing relationships tend to rise to a higher level of insight and understanding. Romantic relationships and attractions can have a fated quality to them this year. This could be a year when you fall in love, and this could be with a person, an activity, or a cause! Meeting someone who transforms your life, and more specifically your values and attitude towards love, is possible. Strong existing relationships are likely to grow and transform in rewarding ways, as you are more open than usual to intensity and passion.

Your finances could also improve dramatically this year, generally due to your increased ability to strategize and cut out frivolous expenses. You are likely to idealize and expand a relationship through sensitive interactions and a more giving approach. Benefits come through paying attention to your dreams and intuitions, as well as through creativity. This aspect is one indication of getting engaged, married, the beginning of a significant new relationship, or the intensification of an existing romance.

The year ahead is a time for building your confidence and sharpening your focus on priorities and improvements. You can have an especially creative, enterprising, forward-looking, and dynamic year. A key relationship can be motivating. Ruled by Venus. This is a year of relative contentment. It's a time when love is the easiest to attract, and partnerships formed under this vibration have a better chance for longevity.

You are especially able to attract others--and material things as well--this year. This is a good year for establishing harmony in the family and the home. Advice - develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.

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  8. Ruled by Neptune. This is a year of preparation, chance, and refinement. It is not a time of dramatic changes. Instead, it's a year when reflection on the past is helpful, and when refinements to your life path should be made.

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    Horoscope december 28 daily

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