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The first and last quarter of the year are relatively better but April to October is likely to bring its own unique brand of challenges. There is relative ease of getting things done. With Jupiter transiting 8th to your natal Moon for most part, it may only present difficulty in achievement of goals. There could be disappointment or frustration as an important task or project is faced with unnecessary hurdles or delays. You run from pillar to post but it may only cause exhaustion. It may be quite disturbing for some Aries born individuals as you may not gain adequate recognition.

However do remember that it is only a phase which will pass; and taking any radical or knee-jerk reaction because of emotional setback may not be such a good idea. They could be a situation where you find yourself at odds with someone quite powerful. While it is easy to go with stubborn and volatile Aries temperament, the better idea will be to talk things over a cup of tea when you feel more calm and balanced. Direct confrontation because you are disillusioned or having a crisis of faith is only going to cause damage.

It may slightly longer than usual to adapt. It is a good year for those working in petroleum and natural gas industry, mining, manufacturing, iron and steel industry. It is a good year for travel also. Unusual experiences and unconventional careers will flourish too. The last quarter brings better luck. There is greater ease at work clarity, focus and support. There maybe gain of the new job raise or promotion during this time.

It is still a better choice to remain conservative with money. Also avoid any kind of lending and borrowing activity during this time. Many Aries may actively contemplate moving away from their native land to a new location. Many Aries individuals may get interested in purchasing a new property or renovating an existing one and expenditures appear daunting.

Do not overdo things for the threat of an unnecessary debt situation. It is astrologically interpreted as a planet of education, wisdom, happiness and knowledge. It is also considered an auspicious planet having the power to keep malefic effects of other bad planets in check. Jupiter planet might be frail when it is debilitated, retrograde, malefic, present in unpropitious houses, powerless in Shadbal, etc. At the point when a planet is feeble, its promising impacts in a Kundali are limited. Such a planet is unfit to give propitious outcomes to the Native.

As per the interpretation of Vedic astrology, Jupiter placed in a horoscope could mean a lot of signs, ranging from positivity to negativity, depression and exhaustion. Jupiter is powerful enough to balance the malefic effects of other planets. It also signifies happy marital life, prosperity, growth during its positive transit in the horoscope of a man or woman.

It can also turn a woman arrogant thus ruining her marriage. Jupiter affects you on dimensional scale based on its cycling transit as shown in your horoscope. We PavitraJyotish here try to explore what is in store for all Moon sign during Jupiter transit in own and fire sign Sagittarius.

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Jupiter rules the ninth house and also holds portfolio of the 12 th house. Jupiter moving through the ninth house, linked with luck in general is indicative of progressive and prosperous time beginning for you. Some new opportunity may come up. However, positive results from the coming opportunity may get delayed. You need to keep your cool and have patience on your side.

Increase inflow of money for you is foreseen for you. Things are to start moving favorably when Jupiter again enters own sign from June 30 th Progressive forces are to work effectively. Efforts put up by you earlier are to start bearing encouraging results. Jupiter rules the eighth and the eleventh house for your sign.

Jupiter moves through the eighth house for your sign. If you are inclined towards spirituality and eager to learn about spiritual practices, now seems good supportive time to satisfy your thirst to learn more about spirituality. You may not be in much comfortable position on financial front. Do not opt to take loan from financial institutions for development or buy a landed property to stay peacefully. You need to plan your priority about spending money.

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On occupational front you have to exert more and try to put that extra effort to achieve desired level of progress in your pursuit. You need to remain much careful about health.

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The seventh and the tenth house are ruled by Jupiter. The seventh house is about confirmed relationship like life partner and business partner if any and your day to day activities. The tenth house is about occupation profession. Jupiter moves through the seventh house. This movement of Jupiter does not spell well for you in matter related to marital life. Things are not to work well for you in this regard. No major monetary gain is envisaged here. You are able to manage routine and incidental expenses comfortably.

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No major expense is to be incurred by you. On occupational or professional front you need to exert more and accept new challenges willingly to move ahead on road to progress. Job holder is to find it difficult to perform effectively regularly. The sixth house related to adversity in general is ruled by Jupiter for your sign. Jupiter also holds important portfolio of the ninth house for your sign. Jupiter moves through the sixth house in company of wily Saturn and malefic Ketu.

Professional is to feel happy with increase in inflow of money. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. Expenses are likely to increase here.


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  5. jyotish horoscope november 2019 Jyotish horoscope november 2019
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    jyotish horoscope november 2019 Jyotish horoscope november 2019
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    jyotish horoscope november 2019 Jyotish horoscope november 2019

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