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If you are a Gemini and have been smartly investing your money as of late, prepare to see some returns coming your way this month. Instead of recognizing these returns as small and insignificant, instead try to focus on them as a symbol for things to come, and continue to play your money smartly as you have been undoubtedly doing for a while now.

In the health and wellness department, you will be pleased to see mental clarity and balance. You will find that your mind is not stressed, and that you are in a good place. For all the Geminis who are continuing to pursue their higher education, you will see good results coming your way in your education. Keep working hard towards your goals, and you will continue to be blessed with stellar results. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Search for:. Gemini June 11, 0.

Related tags : Astrology August Gemini Horoscope. During the mid-week, you can reveal your business plans, as this is the best time for pulling out the favourable outcome. Projects that have been delayed for quite some time now will finally pick up speed and will start to move quite quickly with the help of a senior. The last week of the month will enable you to crack some long-pending deals and take a decision for the professional uplifting.

This week also indicates in getting the first job. This month indicates that you need to be more careful in the financial aspect. This thing requires your attention now. The first half of the month could be a time of little disturbance with the flow of income, says your monthly horoscope. If you work at a hotel or restaurant, you may be given a raise. The last week of the month will bring add on benefit for your financial life in the form of an extra income and a part-time job.

This month will be a start for a lot of for their job and income, predicts your monthly horoscope. This month is not that much in favour of investing money. You are in an impetuous and passionate mood which will allow you to think the best for your romantic life and times you want to take ahead in for your love and companionship. An excellent time to enjoy the love in between both of you.

Differences are always there in marriage but try to understand each other. If you ask out for the permission of getting married to the elders of the house, you are likely to get the approval. Singles who are looking for a partner will definitely get in touch with someone they can plan ahead their future with, just take this relationship forward after the first week of the month. This month brings a favourable time for couples planning to conceive. The first week of the month is very good to enjoy your work and life. Eat healthy and freshly prepared food. You may catch a little cold and allergies for few are indicated, which will need a proper treatment.

You may need to monitor your health closely if you suffer from heart, blood pressure or blood sugar problems. All of these areas are highlighted as problem areas for this month for you. Try to take it easy, rest up and eat right. Be cautious on your diet, says your monthly horoscope. The second half of the month will help you recover from the complications. Exercise is the only thing that will remove the laziness in you and it will make your temperament good. This month would seem to be useful for students. You may pre-plan every action properly. Your efforts on assignments would be genuine, and implementation would go on positively.

Your confidence will resolve sensitive issues. Do meditation for increasing focus and inner peace. Teachers would feel proud of your performance in studies. This month will be a little mixed in the work front and you have to work really hard to get over the constant troubles of the professional life, says your monthly horoscope. The thing that you have to look after the most is the communication that you need to work on this month.

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Talk politely with Female co-workers as they may get you wrong because of your straight forward attitude. You will be able to increase the contacts with the help of good communication and will get good professional prospects. If you are working as a businessman, you will find good deals to go with. This month brings a good time for a new business venture and startups too.

Those who are looking for a job change will find one exactly the way they have been wanting for long. If you are planning for further studies, this month brings the best time to start exploring what you can get with your future prospects. There will be an outstanding flow of income in this month for you and you should be ready to watch out the consequences. This month will definitely help you to overcome your past dues and debts. The first week of the month will make you spend a lot and more than expected.

Beware of the lure of shopping on credit and use that spending mechanism wisely. Be realistic about your total amount debt and put into place a concrete action plan for resolving it. There are chances that some of you may face financial disputes related to your land or family property. This will also give you a chance to plan your financial future in the way you had desired. You should avoid investing in this month, says your monthly predictions.

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The time has come to enjoy the romantic pleasure in the month. However, those of you who are involved with someone out of the marriage; may be exposed in front of their whole family. You need to take care of your romantic life is the first week of the month because it seems to be a really challenging time for you.

For the rest of the month, you will find that there is a spark of romance and sensuality in your relationship, even if you have been together a very long time. Even if you are with your children and your parents, there will be some extra caring and affection obviously present, says your monthly horoscope.

This is healthy for your relationship and you should not be afraid to express it. If you are married and are not planning for a child, month hints at taking necessary precautions. Singles will find this month a good time to interact and find your interest in the person you can feel comfortable with. Proposing in the second half of the month can be really a good decision; there are high chances of acceptance. Your health will stay excellent, making it possible for you to work long and hard, predicts your monthly horoscope. Your hard work makes you enjoy your work and life. If you had fallen behind on your work due to some health issues, this month will be the perfect time to put in a few extra hours to catch up.

You will be able to take advantage of your low-stress level and high energy and enjoy some active time with friends. With a good routine and food habits, you will also be able to recover from your old health issues. Be careful with your baby bump, if you are pregnant. You need to put hard efforts to finish studies as situations may give overconfidence. You will complete education with sincere trials. Give extra time for studies fills confidence in you. You will be fortunate in respect of public dealings and get honours in the social circle.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov This month will bring a good time for your career and job front. During the first half of the month, you are advised to maintain a low profile at your workplace. You should focus on your work and there is no need to indulge in any sort of arguments, says your monthly horoscope. Tough times require plenty of spirits and you have lots of it.

Explore all your options and keep scanning the horizon for that one great opportunity, says your monthly predictions. In the last week of the month be a little cautious while dealing with the female co-workers. Change is good but this month, you can continue with your job. If you are working as a businessman, you need to avoid making any new partnership deals in this month. You can expect the appreciation and a raised status for your professional front. You will find good ways to save in the expenditures you make this month so that you can spend and save money in a good balance. Though your expenses could be on the higher side but you are smart enough to cope with this situation.

This is one of the best time to start saving, says your financial monthly horoscope. Be open to new financial dealings as you never know where this source of funds is going to come from. The last week of the month is an ideal time to invest. You will feel an inclination towards purchasing the luxurious items. Do not take anything casually. Keep your eyes and ears open and continue working hard. This month will be a lot more about focusing on the positive things in your love life than talking about the arguments.

On your romantic front, this month is a little tough especially if you are in a new relationship. The best thing is to communicate with your partner. Try to resolve the matter as soon as it starts irritating your partner. Be kind towards your partner and you will get a positive response. You will find that the more charming and more self-confident you are the more your partner responds to you, emotionally and physically. Be both a good communicator and a good listener and you will find that your relationship will be in new heights.

Pregnant ladies are advised not to take any type of physical or mental stress as they may face miscarriage. This month will enable you to enjoy your work and health only when you pay a little attention to your health needs, says your monthly predictions. Eat healthy food and use proper sanitation techniques in this month of heavy rainfall. Try to avoid eating unhealthy and junk food.

You can avoid minor health hassles such as cough and colds through common sense at this time. Elders are advised to be extremely careful with their medication and daily routine as breathing-related issues may come in their way. This would be a highly fortunate period for realizing your ambitions. Your thoughts for starting higher education will become active and will be successful in your attempt. Your courage and confidence will give success in activities.

You may get favours from teachers, and you will enjoy a prosperous time. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21 You are likely to get a boost to your career, most probably without leaving your current job and enjoy an excellent time on the professional front during the first week of the month. You can certainly expect a surprise in the job front, predicts your monthly horoscope. It may be that a promotion is not available to you at the moment, but your company rewards you with something like a conveyance allowance. Accept this reward with gratitude and take it as a sign that your company is very happy with your performance.

Your career will help you excel and find the opportunities that help you focus on it. You will be appreciated by your managers and colleagues for your hard work and determination at work. The appreciation of your work from the seniors will make you rise in your status.

You will experience an enhancement in your financial prospects in this month and you will have an excellent flow of income with controlled expenses. If you have invested in anything, then you may get an extra income from that source, says your monthly horoscope. There are strong indications that you are likely to be entrusted with an important responsibility at work, which will bring you some monetary rewards. There are further indications that it might bring an increment as well. Your expenses will stay under control and you are likely to enjoy the satisfaction that it brings in life.

You will be able to use your money well and pay off your domestic responsibilities like travel, household items and other important stuff.

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  5. You can invest in this month and expect good benefits in returns. This month will bring an outstanding time on the romantic front for you, says your love monthly horoscope. There are high chances of romantic encounters for both singles as well as who have been in a relationship in a long time. Singles can expect to find someone really attractive by the end of this month. If you are dating someone and want to get married, there are high chances of approval from the elders of the house, however, there can be issues related to a joint family.

    You need to be careful on this front. Married couples will get good chances of conceiving if they are planning for a child in this month of the year, predicts your monthly horoscope. You have likely had a very busy few days recently, so this month brings the best time to sit back and relax. You will be able to enjoy your work life and your routine habits to the most. Kick your feet up and watch a movie it will do your body good. If you are planning to travel, make sure you keep all the necessary stuff with you and enjoy the trip to the best.

    Those who have blood pressure related problem should monitor their activities. You should take less stress now. During this period your ability will be helpful in continuing studies properly. After a great struggle, you may get recognition. Your new ideas for the completion of the syllabus may be successful. This is a suitable time to make important decisions.

    Get well-wishers suggestions for the same. A positive attitude and excellent interpersonal skills will take your career to new heights and this month will prove to be an extremely favourable month for your professional life, says your monthly horoscope. This month is extremely good in the career front. Excellent organizational skills will only make you more valuable to your employer. You have the courage to speak your mind when you know things are right and it will allow you to take your career to any level of your desire.

    Your ideas are fresh and good for the organization too. Get ready to be appreciated for your hard work and determination at work. If you are working as a businessman, you will get good potential partnership offers. But this month is not a good time to enter into a new business venture or partnership.

    The first week of the month will be having an excellent flow of income. Some of the big financial gains are indicated during the second week of the month. You may get a profit from your investment as per your financial life is concerned. The long impending dues will also be cleared in this month. The month brings a very good financial life as there will be an extra source of income, which you have never expected.

    If you are in business then you find that your profitability is quite high when in the second half of the month. You can even use this time to consider your options for expanding your business in the future, says your monthly Horoscope. Your hard work is finally getting paid off. Be careful with the unwanted expenses and focus on your savings. You can make good money from your investments too. Love will become a very good source of happiness for you as this month is indicating a positive and happy vibe for romantic pleasures.

    It will be all good and fun for you. The month will be full of goodness. Try to avoid any argument with your partner if you are married, as it will lead to unnecessary fights. You need to be a little patient because small misunderstandings can convert into a bigger issue. The last week of the month will bring a time for both the partners to get away with issues and enjoy a good time together, predicts your monthly horoscope. Singles; this is not a good month to start with a new relationship, just wait for the right time to come.

    The married ones who are planning to conceive, this month brings not a favourable time to do so. Take care of your mental and physical health to avoid any type of complication in your well being, says your monthly horoscope. You will be thus able to enjoy your work and personal life to the most. Avoid drinking cold drinks and alcoholic beverages as they will do you no favours on the health front. Also, make sure you do not smoke. Try to stay out of the smog and dust if you can. This month would be normal. You will receive many challenging opportunities in higher studies. You will also get some excellent chances to prove your calibre in education, but only a few of them will give success.

    Your reputation at the educational institution will continuously look good. This month is going to be a great time for on the job and career front. For those who work in the tour and travel industry, you may find yourself busy with work-related journeys in this month. These will be fruitful, however, so enjoy them even if they bring stress. They will benefit you in the long run. If you are a travel agent, you will be very busy with requests from clients. Your associates and superiors are noticing your hard work and you may receive financial remuneration.

    To all those who are in business should get ready to enjoy the good times and success that their ideas will bring in their life due to the creative ideas and an increased sale, predicts your career monthly horoscope. This will help the business to expand. The only thing you have to be cautious of is working with the business partner. Always focus on the execution. Your plan for your business is good, so trust your guts. This month will make you see an excellent flow of income all throughout the month and you will enjoy the kind of money you will get in the month.

    The first half of the month needs your careful expenditure and the second half of the month will rather make you earn good money. You find that your disposable income is being spent on entertainment for you, your friends and your family, says monthly horoscope. Money may be obstructed for a few days but will not give you any kind of tense environment.


    If you are planning to invest or going to make big transactions, you can postpone that as it is not a favourable time for this. Your love life is flourishing in this month and you and your romantic partner are getting close to each other day by day. Your prospects for romance continue to be bright. There may be times where you will not get the support or cooperation from your partner in issues related to extended family but you need not worry. All you guys need is to sit together, have a healthy discussion and put your perspective in front.

    Your partner loves you a lot and will take care of this. Singles who have been looking out for partner will find someone really interesting to be around with.

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    Play safe and you will definitely find an answer to how you see your love and relationship in life. Go ahead and propose someone special, All the Best. This month is a time to go for excellent enjoyment of health and work life. You will adopt some good habits along with friends about starting a walking or running club, predicts your monthly horoscope. Share recipes for healthy alternatives to fattening snacks.


    These activities will make exercise fun and will bring you closer to your friends. You will be also able to recover from your old health issues when you start looking out for the ways to improve health conditions. Keep a track record of your health issues so that they can be dealt with accordingly. Your education may be good. Some of your friends will interfere in your personal matters which may create an embarrassing situation.

    You should not permit in-depth discussions. Some of you may get financial assistance from charity institutions. The kind of self-confidence and dedication would enable you to grab an excellent opportunity at your workplace. The second week indicates a rise in status; you may get a promotion, Cheers. Those who were working so hard to crack governmental and competitive exams will also make their way.

    There are high chances of getting your first and a new job too. Businessmen will get the desired results in their business. You will be able to finish off the pending tasks and be on the accurate place of work and life. Creativity would help theatre personalities as they head into one of the best periods of their life.

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    This is also an excellent period for actors and musicians as they do some of the best work, predicts your monthly horoscope. This month will enable you to enjoy a good financially stable life and with the controlled expense, you will be able to save some good amount too. You will be able to clear your dues and cover up the loan you have taken in the past years.

    There will be certain disturbances with the flow of income in the second half of the month. Some of the expenses will come in front of your way as they are necessary. You will be thinking about making a major purchase, perhaps a new car, motorbike or some other big luxury. You can think on this again to pursue this option, your financial aspects are positive, but do not lend money, says your monthly horoscope.

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    The last week of the month will help you to earn some money from an unexpected source.

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